Bad Entertainment is two people — Eric Prindle and Emily Anderson — writing about the arts with a focus on the Twin Cities. Emily is a bona fide expert in literary analysis, but otherwise we make no claims of expertise in the areas we write about. We write to force ourselves to think about the things we have seen and heard, to share our enthusiasm with others, and to make ourselves better writers.

The name of our blog comes from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. As Sebastian relates his tale of woe to the sea captain Antonio, the latter interjects, “Pardon me, sir, your bad entertainment.” We thought this would be a good name for a blog that often discusses the virtues of films with unhappy endings, thorny contemporary music, and other works of art that some people would consider less than “entertaining.”

We should note that, though we may sometimes write in a journalistic style, we are not journalists and do not go out of our way to avoid conflicts of interest. We have been known to review the work of our friends and acquaintances as well as organizations in which we consider ourselves stakeholders. While we always strive to convey our honest opinions, we acknowledge that we have biases.

We look forward to hearing what our readers have to say. Please feel free to comment on posts or contact us with your feedback or questions.